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Oasis Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. is a full service plant supplier and top notch landscape contractor
Palm Tree Removal & Relocation Experts

We Buy, Sell, and Move Palms
Send us photos of palms that you want to move or sell.

Oasis Nursery and Landscaping is a recognized expert in Canary Island Date Palms (Phoenix Canariensis), as well as a large variety of other specimen palms that are suited to Southern California.

Our nursery is home to over five acres of specimen palm trees and exotic plants, drought tolerant succulents, and native “Californian” vegetation.  Most palm/plants in Southern California are from other areas around the globe. With the “correct installation” which consists of soil amendments and irrigation these non-native plants can thrive in our environment.

The ability to create this ideal habitat is our specialty.

Landscape – Specimen Palm maintenance program. Oasis Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. provides periodic maintenance covering such areas as specimen palm assessments, fertilization requirement, and sterile trimming services to maintain the growth integrity and investment in your Palms. We are happy to provide an initial on-site consultation.

Design and build services for your landscape needs are readily available from Oasis Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. Utilizing its expertise obtained through two decades of operation, the company as built a respectable reputation of meeting its client’s needs in both design criteria and financial constraints. Creating an oasis within 7,500 sq ft in a track housing development or an island getaway on 5 acres of beach front in Hawaii, the client needs are always first and foremost. 

Over the years, Oasis has developed a stable and consistent relationship with several key sub-contractors. All of which have demonstrated the same commitment to professionalism, communication and reliability. As a result of these time tested relationships, Oasis bring forth a superior team completely address and fulfill the project, within budget and with precision on-time performance. 

Regardless of your budget or project size, 
to obtain a free on-site evaluation call Art Marino at  (760) 802-2410